Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Back among the Brits

I made it back to Leeds without any problems. I had great flights-just from Wichita to Atlanta, Atlanta to London-usually I have another connection somewhere, which makes for an even longer day. The international flight wasn't full, so we had two seats to ourselves. Plus, the plane was new and the personal tvs were touch screens with lots of movie choices. We flew Delta and the food wasn't too bad.

I wasn't detained in British Immigration (woo hoo!). It was close-thank goodness, I'll be getting a new passport next year. I have 25 stamps in my passport and half are from England. I have 4 "warning" stamps in my passport. How rude-I think they should be grateful that I want to visit so often.

My car is running well (I was worried it may not) and I practiced a bit. We're going to try to drive to Nottingham, Chatsworth House (where they filmed Pride and Prejudice), and Newsam Gardens. I'll need a very good map and, hopefull, there won't be very many roundabouts.