Thursday, 8 January 2009


So much as happened since my last blog post. My mom made it safely to and from China. We had a great time-I'm so happy she was here for the holidays and was able to meet all of my students. They all loved her and visa versa. She's hoping to come back this summer for graduation and see everyone again.

I finally made it the Great Wall!! It was gorgeous, although the climb up almost did us in. It's so steep! It was worth the effort though. We also toured the Forbidden City, went to the National Centre of the Arts, Lao She Teahouse, Olympic Stadiums, Ming Tombs, and numerous other places. While in Baoding, we were super busy with numerous Christmas dinners and spending time with my students and the other American teachers.

My mom arrived on Thursday the 18th and Friday was my last class for junior writing and our Christmas party. So, my poor mom had to help bake many treats to take to
class that afternoon. It took all morning, but we got everything baked. It sure went fast-for such little people-they can really pack it in. The following evening Zoe, Iris, Jacqueline, Rodin, and Summer took mom and I to dinner at the Honey Bee. Sunday night we went to dinner at Tannry's house. Tannry is the 15 year old that I tutor on Sundays. Monday night Cassie and Felice took us to my favorite Chinese restaurant. I'm using the word favorite loosely. It's the only Chinese restaurant in Baoding that I actually eat at. Tuesday we made a traditional American Christmas dinner for my IELTS students. In my opinion the food was delicious-I think some of them agreed with me, but not all. Sunny made a sandwich out of a dinner roll and waldorf salad-to me that is gross, but she seemed to like it. Christmas eve the university took us out to dinner and bowling. Christmas morning we had a breakfast brunch at my place and that evening we had TURKEY with the other American teachers. Turkeys are hard to find and super pricey, but worth it! The next day, mom and I headed to Beijing for a busy 4 day weekend of sightseeing.

I will be in the States on Monday! I'm so ready for an American holiday and, hopefully, Twilight will still be at the Warren. Fingers crossed!

We took some of ladies from my writing class to Sandy's

Great Wall

Mom and I at the Great Wall (it was very cold that day, even for me)

Forbidden City

National Centre of the Arts (aka The Egg)

Government Building

Catholic Church in Baoding

The Engineers: Bruce, Peter, and Vincent

My lil' Christmas tree

IELTS guys: Philip, Peter, Bruce, and Vincent

IELTS ladies: Viola, Vicky, Sabrina, Sunny, and Della

Tannry and his parents

Mom and Jacqueline at the Honey Bee

Writing Class: Felice, Stefanie, Athena, Henry, and Jacqueline are up front

Writing Class: Gilda, Cassie, Dolphin, Celia, and Miles