Sunday, 31 August 2008

Around campus...

The other four people in my group are natural athletes, which doesn't apply to me. I'm okay with that, but considering a bike is the main mode of transportation, I figured I should practice. I had been riding the stationary bike at the Y to practice physically, but I hadn't been on a regular bike for a few years. I was super wobbly, but I went out this morning to practice and get to know the campus a little better. My bike and I are getting along better-I even made it over the speed bumps without too many problems. There are so many bikes-I kept forgetting which one is mine, so I tied a little blue ribbon on it-problem solved. I'm not brave enough yet to ride outside campus without the others. I would be an awesome driver over here-they drive anywhere and everywhere-little to no rules-I love it! Finally-a country where drivers like me can prosper! Anyway, the campus is really nice with pretty gardens and water fountains here and there.

A few pictures...

Baoding (outside the university), KFC, the fruit "market"-one of many, grocery store, cutest iron in the world!

Bikes at the university, my bike (which doesn't like me yet), the building where I'll do most of my teaching, the library

South Korea from Incheon Airport

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Made it to China!

I made it to China without any problems, but it was a very long day. The flight from Chicago to South Korea went by much faster than I had feared-fortunately, I slept most of it. I still despise Chicago O'Hare airport, but the layover went by pretty quick.

One day into my journey and I'm already really struggling with food. On my 13 hour flight-I ate 4 grapes, 4 wedges of cantaloupe, 2 Reese PB cups, 10 raisins, and 5 peanuts. Since then, I've ate 4 pieces of KFC popcorn chicken, a banana, and a plum. I'm going down. I'm scared of my stove-it's a gas stove and I really don't like or trust gas stoves. This one is much more primitive than US gas stoves, which makes me more nervous. They also do not have ovens attached to their stoves, so I'm not sure how I'm going to bake things.

The shower is a little funky, but I knew it would be. I'll figure it out. Other than a scary stove and funky shower, I love my apartment.

I love how cheap everything is-a shopaholic's paradise! I bought "Hancock" and "Sex and the City" on dvd for 11 yuan-that's about $1.50. I bought all my groceries and an internet cable for about $8.00. Seriously, it mind-blowing cheap! South Korea's exchange rate threw me this morning-I went to McDonald's and bought pancakes (which I didn't like) and a grape juice and the total was 4,070, but it was around $4.00.

Everyone I have met from the University have been really sweet and helpful. I will try to post pictures soon of my apartment and surrounding area.