Saturday, 11 July 2009

Home a month

Sorry for the lack in posts, but China blocked Blogger for the Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary and it was still blocked when I left China June 11. I've been home a month today. Am I happy? Yes and no. I missed my family and friends, drinking water from the tap, eating food that hasn't expired, Target, carpet, bath tubs, etc. However, I really liked living in China. I definitely had some adjusting to do-people staring too much, the awful food, no bath tubs, limited hot water, and Baoding smelled in the spring and summer, but was cloudy all the time in the winter due to the coal factories. So, there were ups and downs. I love Beijing though. I think if it was easier for me to come back and forth or family/friends to come visit me, I could live in Beijing long-term. I really miss my students. We've been keeping in tough on Facebook and e-mail, but it's not the same. I plan to go visit next summer for my junior's graduation.

I've been busy since being home. Today is my 10 year class reunion and my friend from Ecuador is visiting. We're going to Las Vegas on Monday, which is exciting. I haven't been to Vegas and I'm looking forward to playing poker with the big boys. The week after Vegas, I'm headed to New Mexico, which I'm also looking forward too. It should be very relaxing and I plan to eat at Little Anita's every chance I get. I've been dreaming about Little Anita's since January.

I also have a new "life plan." I think it fits me. However, I'm quite fickle, so it may change at a moments notice.