Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Crazy busy week

It's Wednesday and I'm exhausted. This week, two of my classes end and my new class begins. Starting next week, I have it really good-4 day weekends and a little holiday to Beijing next weekend. I'm looking forward to my 4 star hotel stay. Anyway, since this is the last time I will have half of my juniors and the sophomores, after the final, we have a little party. As a result, I have been doing lots of baking. I made over 120 peanut butter cookies with a toaster oven for the juniors and 3 mixes of lemon bars. Plus, we had lots of fruit and dip, chips, drinks, etc. It turned out well, but baking and hauling all of the food to second campus wasn't fun. I'm now starting to bake everything for the sophomore party on Friday. Even though I'm excited for 4 day weekends, I'm sad I won't have these students anymore. I'm happy I was able to have the juniors both semesters and get to know the sophomores.

I went to Beijing last Saturday. I can't decide if it's a good or bad thing that I'm known at quite a few stores and many of the American restaurants. At the Silk Market, since I've bought so many paintings, the painter has learned my name and gives me free gifts (which are very cool). At TGI Fridays, my server recognized me and gave me an online survey to fill out to get 50 RMB off my next meal. This is an awesome deal since my meal/drink is only 56 RMB. So, next weekend when I go, my bill will be about $0.90.

Waiting for the train in Baoding

If I lived in Beijing, I would live in this area. It's by all the Embassies-it's quiet, clean, lots of trees, close to Western restaurants, and Jenny Lous (the imported food store)

The last of the junior poster presentations.
Even though you're not supposed to have favorites, I do. Out of the junior guys, Miles is my favorite.

Iris (super cute presentation)

Dylan (also super creative)


One of my Chinese best friends, Cassie


Summer (Jane Austen was a popular topic)