Monday, 13 April 2009

Magnet for trouble

Originally, I was happy about the construction in front of the university. They're re-doing the road. It's much less crowded and more quiet without all the honking. Anyway, students made a path through the construction site to get to the other side. There are apartments on the opposite side of the university. So, my trouble magnet followed me today. It was crazy windy and blowing cotton and dirt all around. It looked like the perfect weather for a tornado to me, but they don't have tornados here. I took a cab home from the 2nd campus because of the wind. Since the road is under construction, the cab driver had to drop me off across the street and I would cut through the construction area (which I had done numerous time). Sure enough, as soon as I clear the passage through the fence on the side of the university, the fence crashes down on me. I was trapped underneath, it was about the length of 4 cars. A bunch of students had to come help me. My knees are bruised and scraped, but that's about it. It was mortifying though-it's bad enough being constantly stared at for being white, but being white and squished under the fence?!?! times.

Other than that, things are going well. We (American teachers) had Easter dinner. It was delicious-I hadn't ate that much food in one setting since I left the States. I made a banana cream pie from scratch. That's right, I had to make vanilla pudding from scratch. It was definitely an experiment. It turned out ok, it didn't taste/look like Carriage's banana cream pie. I think my pie had too many variables going against it. For one, I needed corn starch, but had to substitute flour. Also, I used powered milk and it called for whole milk or cream. Then, I had to use "dream whip" for whip cream. No matter how much I beat the dream whip and let it set up in the fridge, it still doesn't get as thick as real whip cream. So, as a result, the whip cream was super runny.
The road in front of the university

A couple of days before the fence tried to snuff me.

The aftermath

Little Easter party with my sophomores

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